Here's what some of our customers had to say...


March 27/2014 "Hi Debra The cakes were a tremendous success.   Comments ranged from ‘this is the best cake I have ever had” to “ OMG – I want the corner piece with all the icing” to “I will lick the serving spatula”  -  you have definitely raised the bar for “Cake Day” here at Allwest.  Thank you for your wonderful service.  We will definitely be recommending you to our colleagues and we would not hesitate to purchase cakes from you in the future.  With best wishes for great success" RV


Aug 9/2014 "Debra Wow!!! Our wedding cake was BEAUTIFUL!!  We had so many compliments on how delicious the cake was..... The moist cake along with your buttery butter cream icing was amazing, it was everything I envisioned and the taste of the cake was exactly what I have waited months for.  Thank you so much!  Love D and K"


July 29/2013  "The guests were ecstatic about the look and the taste!! I had people coming up to me all night with compliments, then I tasted the top part.... Like ambrosia for the gods! I closed my eyes whilst eating it to get the full flavor, Bruce says I sounded like Meg Ryan in that movie. Where she fakes an orgasm!!  It was without a doubt a Huge hit. Very many thanks, oh, a few ladies wanted your name too! Even better  Once more thank you."   BB

Dec 11/2016  "Hi Debra,  Everyone raved about the cake! Some even thought it wasn't a real cake because of the decorations. My mom absolutely loved everything about it. The flowers were done really well and the filling complemented the cake flavor really nicely. Nobody that I know of ate the fondant, but that is usually the case anyway. The cake lasted all day/night until the time came to sing happy birthday. When I asked around, everyone said you're a definite potential for our wedding cake!   Thanks so much for the beautiful and delicious cake". IK


Dec 13/2016  "Debra,  Wow, you did an outstanding job of your porcupine cake.  I loved it and you inspired me to go to bookstore and scout out the book and bought it and sent to our granddaughter in Sweden. I voted for your entry and I thought yours was thee most interesting and loads of hrs creating that cake.  You did a super job and was the most beautiful cake entered!!!   Congratulations to you and I hope you win. You deserve to! it truly is a Canadian cake!!!" RM


Jan 18/2016 "Lots of positive comments on your cake pops!! Your business cards are gone! Great little sweet treat that people wanted instead of a big slice of cake with icing.... very nice alternative. The quality chocolate was noticed and made the cake pops feel special. I was impressed with the price and the quality. I love to support local."DB